Some Baltimore Area Structures and Dwellings in Which I Have Been Intimate 

I've never lived anywhere besides Baltimore, Maryland. A literal lifetime of  my memories have taken place within the city limits, many tied to specific places. Following in the style of Ed Ruscha’s Some Los Angeles Apartments, I seek to photograph the front entrance of every Baltimore area dwelling or structure in which I have had sex. Rather than list the addresses, I have instead paired each location with a quotation from the person (or the most memorable person, in the case of more than one) I slept with. The result is a brutally honest sexual geography that may be the best answer to one of the primary questions my artwork seeks to raise: what does a modern woman really encounter when she dates and hooks up? 

The second edition of the artist book was created in 2016 in an handmade edition of five. It was featured in the Maryland Institute College of Art Juried Undergraduate Exhibition in 2017.

Also available for view on Issuu.