Eventually I Will Learn To Stop Saying Sorry

I realized in the last year that I may never be able to make images that truly express what I am feeling in regards to my past abusive relationship and the way it has affected my ability to be intimate with anyone else. It was only after examining my social media presence, particularly my private Instagram account, that I noticed that what I have been trying to articulate with my images was there all along. The person I am on these platforms is the most unfeigned version of myself and as such is the clearest representation of the psychological aftermath of emotional and sexual abuse on me. Using memes, tweets, captions, and Snapchats, Eventually I Will Learn To Stop Saying Sorry is an artist book that is intended to serve as an extended self portrait. I consider it an extension of my private account, a diary-like safe space that I have curated for myself and from which I have deliberately excluded most members of the opposite sex as well as any ex-lovers.

Also available for view on Issuu (requires login due to sensitive content).