What Are You Looking At? 

What Are You Looking At? examines the thoughts during a first sexual encounter in the context of the body parts with which those thoughts are associated. It is intended to convey the anxiety surrounding the nude form as it relates to societal standards and the perception of others. The series also caused me to examine my own body anxiety and the past relationship from which it likely began to grow.

The first edition of the artist book was created in 2016. It has been featured in The Body In Photography exhibition (Baltimore, December 2016) and Personal is Political exhibition (Savannah, March 2017). The series was also featured in Nat’s second solo exhibition in 2017.

A trade copy of the artist book was created in 2017 in an edition of 25. It was included in Davis Orton Gallery's 8th Annual Self-Published Photobook Show. Copies are available for purchase upon request.

Also available for view on Issuu (requires login due to sensitive content).